Android Fusebox sign in problem

drosen10 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 6
I successfully installed Fusebox on my Note 2, but can't log in. I enter the un and pw that work on Rarewire, but clicking "Sign In" just gives me the spinning circle icon for a few seconds.
Can you give me a little more detail to help me assist you?

Is this the most recent version of fusebox from the Play Story? Version 0.9 (beta)?

What version of Android is running on your Note 2?
I'm running the version from the play store downloaded an hour go. Version V 0.9 beta. My phone is running Android 4.1.2
Android devices do have trouble deciphering special characters in usernames and passwords. You wouldn't happen to have quotes or colons in your un or password would you?
No quotes or colons, but I do have a ^
That is likely the problem, try changing that in your User Info section inside of the App Creation Studio.
Thanks - that was the issue.