MIDI files - How can I play a .mid file?

pulseblue 8 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 8 years ago 4
I'm looking to have a .mid MIDI file play in my app.

Anyone managed to get a MIDI file working?
The sound action tag only supports the following audio types: mp3, mp4, wav, aiff, aac
thanks for the speedy reply, Ian!

Out of interest is it likely that midi support will be added? I like midi files because they're very lightweight in terms of filesize
Let me poke around about that tomorrow and I will let you know!
It looks like it is not likely that we will support midi at this time. It is not natively supported in webkit, so it would require some work to develop a plugin that works well with our engine.

At this time I would suggest converting your midi files to mp3, they should remain lightweight comparatively.

I went ahead and logged a support ticket for this request, so maybe it will gain some traction down the road.

Thanks for the question!