Fusebox help

JohnWeez 8 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 8 years ago 5
Just uploaded the sample magazine app to see how it works and play around with, but the problem is I cant get past the "Updating Content" bar to get it running. It loads all the way but the content has yet to update. I admit I got a little impatient the couple times it loaded all the way and closed it and restarted it again. Is there something I could be doing wrong with my FTPS or do I just need to wait?
Can you describe for me the steps you took to get to the point you mention above?

I am assuming you added the App bundle to a portfolio through FTPS and then updated your App settings to select an orientation and wire engine version before you could see it in fusebox?
Yea I selected universal and wire engine 1.0
I would probably recommend just swiping the app to the right and resetting the app in fusebox and try to download the whole App again before trying to launch it.
Hmm now I get a message that says "RM CMS application keys are missing." And then the fusebox login prompt comes up
This is usually an indication of a main.wire file being deleted. Apps will not load without that file. Did you rename it or remove it?

Check out this tutorial for more information: http://content.rarewire.com/wordpress...