Paginate = Yes & No

thericab 8 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 8 years ago 3
Is there a way to make a pager paginate in vertical, but not in horizontal mode?
Yes, a pager tag has the ability to define an attribute called "orientation". This will accept a value of vertical or horizontal. This should give the desired effect.

<pager name="pager_name" orientation="vertical" paginate="no">
<image name="pic1" source="pic1.jpg"></image>
<image name="pic2" source="pic2.jpg"></image>
I need it to scroll horizontally, so I have orientation="horizontal". What I want it to do is when it is held in portrait mode the contents of the pager will snap to the designated area, which is what paginate does, right? However, I want them to freely scroll when held in landscape mode.
In order to accomplish this, you will probably want to create a class for your pager objects and use two different pagers with different paginate settings, then you can reuse the class and objects for both.