How do you make the "Open in" option appears when a object such as a PDF is clicked?

xXShad DragXx 7 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 6 years ago 6
I am trying to make list of materials such as PDF's, web links, and anything else needed. However I would like to allow for these to be opened in another app. How is this done?
Are you trying to accomplish this for iOS or Android?
Check out the documentation for the load tag. by adding external="yes" to a load tag that is loading a resident file of a certain type, the open in menu will display with app the user has installed that are capable of opening that file or url.

Web links are better served by using the safari- prefix for a url using the same load tag.

what about android?
If there is a compatible app, Android should have a similar open modal appear.