Fusebox app will not refresh

sovtek 7 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 7 years ago 8
help im stuck. No matter what i try my fusebox app will not refresh my application.
Things ive tried:
1. Hit app refresh button
2. Hit fuse box refresh button
3. Remove fuse box and reinstall
4. remove and re-download app sandbox
5. remove main.wire

im sorry but this is very frustrating, im into this for a good bit of time now.
nothing i do works
How are you snapshotting your app? Through the online editor or within fusebox itself?

Can you confirm this is still an issue? And provide your App's ID.
i've tried both but mostly just doing it through the ipad app.
My app id is 2714

Yes i just tried a second ago and it is still loading an html file which is not referenced in the main.wire
Would you be so kind as to add me as a collaborator to your portfolio? (icahill@rarewire.com)

I would like to try to replicate your issue in your wire as I am having no issues in my other apps here.

Have you tried to successfully snapshot in your other app?
it shows you as a collaborator already. I tried re-inviting you.
The app is called issue skin.
Sorry for the delayed responses.

I didn't try any of my other apps.
Not sure if it matters but this started when i tried including an html page with some high quality images.
I am seeing the same issue you are seeing, but it seems isolated to your app ID. I am escalating this to the Dev Team and will keep you posted.

Thank you for your patience.
Any word on this?
Still waiting to hear back from the dev team. Thank you for your patience.
Early this morning we identified an issue with your app that kept locked files present, thus preventing your snapshot functionality.

We have removed the lock and your snapshotting should be restored. Sorry for the delay on this.

Is there any chance that more than one user was making a snapshot at the same time? This could have caused the issue. As a result we are looking into the way these locks are handled.

Thank you for bringing it to our attention!