Show/hide a panel depending on the pager page

jakelisby 8 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 8 years ago 5
I'm trying to say on page1 of the pager, don't show panelX , but on everything else, show it. What would that action look like?
Ok Jake, let's figure this out.

Is the panel you want to show/hide inside of the pager or outside?
It's outside of the pager as a sibling listed after the pager so it displays on the top of everything.

Well you could run an if statement that alphas off the panel if the pager's current page # is 1. Pager has an object property for the current page.

<action name="panel-off">
<if lhs="[object:nameofpager.page]" operator="ne" rhs="1">
<alpha value="0" time="0" target="nameofpanel" />
<if lhs="[object:nameofpager.page]" operator="e" rhs="1">
<alpha value="1" time="0" target="nameofpanel" />
Ok, cool. Since page1 is the first thing that shows in my app, should I be calling this action in some way? Is there a way to call in onload?
Any action that you want to load on launch of the app, you can add an attribute called oninit="yes"

<action name="action1" oninit="yes">
<!--insert actions here-->