Height="fit" not working for me anymore

sovtek 7 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 7 years ago 11
This was previously working, not sure why it's not now.

App Id: 6078.

Looks like my table of contents titles (tocStoryName) are being cut off now within a text attribute that uses height="fit". Is there something that is incorrect in my code here?

<panel name="tocStoryL" width="50%" height="195" align="left" onclick="loadStoryFromTOC" clicktarget="../../MAG" _storyStartPos="[param:posL]">
<panel name="tocImgCntnr" width="35%" height="181" xpos="7" ypos="7">
<image name="tocStoryImg" source="[param:imgSrcL]" width="100%"></image>
<panel name="tocInfo" width="58%" fitheight="yes" align="right" rightpad="5%">
<text name="tocStoryName" width="100%" height="fit" alignment="left" rightof="tocImgCntnr" ypos="10" font="HelveticaNeue-Light" size="20" color="#FFFFFF" text="[param:nameL]" onclickup="hideToc" onclick="page" clicktarget="../../MAG" _page="[param:posL]"></text>
<text name="tocStoryInfo" width="100%" height="fit" alignment="left" rightof="tocImgCntnr" bottomof="tocStoryName" font="HelveticaNeue-Light" size="12" color="#ebebeb" text="[param:infoL]"></text>
<panel name="tocBtmInfo" width="58%" height="30" rightpad="5%" align="right" valign="bottom">
<text name="tocStoryAuthor" lwidth="290" width="180" height="30" alignment="left" font="HelveticaNeue" size="12" color="#7f7f7f" text="[param:authorL]"></text>
<text name="tocStoryPos" width="25" height="30" alignment="left" align="right" font="HelveticaNeue" size="12" color="#7f7f7f" text="[param:posL]"></text>
We did encounter a text bug with height="fit" in ios 7. We did fix this issue in WIRE Engine 1.5.1
Ok, so 1.5.1 is not ios7 version?

Is this something that will be fixed relatively soon? We have some demos coming up.
No 1.5.1 is making iOS 7 builds.
Can you please confirm which app ID this is so I can test it.

"SendMyAd, Interactive" should be "SendMyAd, Interactive Ad Portal"
"Virtual Publisher Book" should be "Virtual Publisher Book Planning"
"About Blanchard" should be "About Blanchard Systems"
It looks like 6078 is still on engine 1.4 in the platform settings. Please update to 1.5.1 and try again. If it is still an issue let me know.
Ah ok didn't realize I had to change that there.

I went ahead and set it to 1.5.1, saved on rarewire site. Also refreshed my app list within fusefox, reset the app, and redownloaded it. Still seem to be having the same issue within all my Fusebox sandboxes, but the adHoc version of the app we're working with looks fine.
That should be correct. We have had to resubmit fusebox to a version based on an error making the initial build that omitted a few text bug corrections, so rely on your adhoc build until we can get a more up to date and corrected fusebox back into the store.
Ok great thanks
Also, another quick question. I am doing another ad-hoc build. Do I need to create a separate Certificate from the one I used within my Blanchard Magazine app? Or can I use the same certificate and just create a new provisioning profile?
If your initial cert was made with a wildcard app id, then you can reuse it, otherwise you will want to make a new p12 cert.