"Invite Collaborator" screen is not displaying for me

sstava 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 3
I can't get the "Invite Collaborator" screen to display for my apps. It has worked for me before.

* When I go into Editor->Resources->Invite Collaborator
* It pops up the collaborator screen with the title bar "waiting" spinner going and the pop-up screen is blank
* After a few seconds the pop-up screen disappears and the webpage, that used to have my apps editor on it, goes blank.

Any thoughts?
I can confirm that this is a bug. I have logged a ticket.

Luckily you can access the collaborators for inside of a portfolio. To the right of a portfolio name when viewing an App in the studio you will see a "settings" link. From here you can change your portfolio name and see a list of collaborators. Under the collaborators list is a link to "Manage Collaborators"

This issue should be corrected now.
That was quick! Thanks!