Android Release date?

pulseblue 8 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 8 years ago 3
Out of interest, any word on an Android release date?
We are about 80% complete with our build. We anticipate releasing officially later this year after we have a short round of testing.
Its now next year. Any info?
Thanks for the follow-up.

Our Android Engine is now in a beta phase and it's being used to build a handful of Apps for specific target clients. As we vet the engine and capture data we continue to work on making the necessary steps to make sure that our App Creation Studio has the changes needed to accommodate both Android and iOS.

In the short term we are planning on releasing the Android beta version of fusebox in the Google Play store very soon (read: this month), so while publishing capabilities will still be unavailable for Studio users, you will be able to test and create in the Android environment using WIRE.