Make some new panels

bryandavidk 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 3
Hi, This Bryan K. testing out RW studio. How do I make a new panel?
A panel is a lot like a div in the HTML world. It can be a container, a point of interaction or be used alone or in tandem with other objects to create graphical elements.

When you create a panel you must define a 'name' attribute along with dimensions.

Wire objects all start at 0,0 (top left) of their parent, in order to make them aware of siblings you can use attribute like 'bottomof', 'topof'...to make them aware of the stack.

It might be helpful to empty or comment out your main.wire file and try simply starting with a blank wire and build and experiment from there.

you might also check out the documentation surrounding the panel object. You can find that by selecting the Developer Resources link at the top of the Studio.