Getting a magazine app on the App Store

610dean 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 10
I am working on a magazine style app using the Newsstand.zip sample as a starting point. It is a single issue, with images, text interviews and some videos.

However before I go to far I wonder how the newsstand app may fare as far as acceptance on the App Store. I have read that many developers had their app rejected because Apple felt it was more appropriate on the book store. They were told the app needed more interactivity.

Not wanting to go the ePub route, I am wondering if the newsstand app sample has enough interactivity to make it through or what types of things could be added to it to satisfy Apple's standards.
There is no indication so far that Apple is going to start rejecting Magazine Apps in the App Store. They are however encouraging users to put their Apps in the Newsstand, which we are working on pushing a solution into our studio to make that very easy to do. Though this is not required yet. We have many many examples of Magazine style apps in the app store today. The Atlantic, Ebony, Chicago Magazine, Graphic Design USA and Johns Hopkins Magazine just to name a few.

Apple has been rejecting apps that make more sense in iBooks to help drive up the number of ebooks, but this doesn't apply to Magazines with In-App purchases.
Interesting and thank you for the reply. I didn't plan on in app purchases. Would you say this feature is critical to acceptance?
Certainly not critical, just a supported method of monetization. You could also consider adding Ad support instead if you wanted to drive some money.
Thanks. I appreciate the insight. Not really looking to monetize this project. More concerned about getting it out there. Just not sure if text, images and video alone would get accepted.
You should be aware that they scrutinize apps that are built only as a single issue of a magazine rather than a "hub" containing several issues.
Good to know. Im not building a magazine per se but rather a collection of interviews with photos and videos. I fear that may put me in ePub territory without some other features. I just dont know what kind of features would push me into app territory.
Some things to think about would include social media sharing capabilities and possibly dynamic content coming from a datasource or external server. This way the app is updated on the fly and functions less like a static publication. If you have video and photos, you avoid a rejection in the way you organize the content and keep it up to date.
Excellent thank you. I will have to go through your full documentation to see how best to organize content because I am not clear how there is variety on how that is done. Much appreciated.
Check out this app. It is a good example of a publication that doesn't offer in-app purchases. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/curre...
Thank you I will give that some scrutiny