iCloud (and GameCenter) support would be awesome.

thillsman 8 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 7 years ago 4
I know this his probably a big request, but Adam's saying that everything's possible to throw into the suggestion box. It would be awesome if I could save preferences, captured files, or create text files or other documents in iCloud.

Similarly, GameCenter would be great to record game achievements.

So that's my request. :)
More specific requests: Newsstand, Passbook, and iAd support.
I need to get revised timelines on these features. Consider your request noted :)
Jumping back to my master wishlist thread...

I would love native tweet sheet, Facebook share sheet, and iMessage/text message integration that works like the email tag. The email tag is fantastic because you can pass it a "to" address, subject text, and body text (iOS already knows your email address(es)), and all the user has to do is press Send.

While I'm throwing crazy requests: the ability to add an image (either stored locally in the app or referenced from a server) to Photo Stream.

That's enough for tonight. :)
I will log feature requests for these.