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Unknown error in build script

paololuk 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 9
Unknown error in build script. Ad Hoc build. How to relate with this. there are no directions to go.
Can you give me a little more information regarding your project? Is this an iOS or Android build? What is your app ID (located in the the upper right corner of the WIRE Editor)?
ios build. app #4069. Thanks for the answer.
Ad-Hoc builds do require that you upload at least one icon and splash screen from the Platform Settings section of your app. Please add these and try again.
Thanks I will try. This is my first app with Rarewire. :)
I putted the icons and the splash screen images.
You may try updating your app name from Vita di Gesù to Vita di Gesu. The special character might be causing the issue.
Changed the name. Again an Unknown Error. Thanks again for the answers. Hope to resolve.
Did you happen to give your .p12 file a password? If so, this could be the issue. Our provisioner can only accept .p12 files that have no password protection per our tutorials on the subject.
Ok. Build succeded. Thanks.