where can i find tutorials

jvstorm200 8 år siden opdateret 8 år siden 4
where can i find tutorial links total noob very little programming knowledge...any useful help would be great
I would start with this page to get an idea of how the studio works.

brings me right back to this page lol...but I know how the studio works...I need help with coding in general...very little programming knowledge it just doesn't stick...I can't manage to code from "scratch" and have things work out how I want them to...I just wanna know where to look please. =)
Well you need to be logged into the studio to view that page. My apologies. All of our tutorials are found at: http://content.rarewire.com/wordpress.... At the bottom of the screen there are some links to videos that might help.
thanks...figure that part out lol trial and error on my end...but no worries...great thanks!

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