Launch Video

benjaminbachman 7 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 6 years ago 7
Am I able to have a launch video instead of a launch image when the app starts up? Maybe 6 seconds long? How would I go about doing this?
Launch images are required by Apple, so you can't replace it. However what we have done in the past is to transition from a launch image that matches the first few frames of a video so the video plays immediately after the launch image is finished making for a seamless transition. 

This can easily be done by playing a video 'oninit' and making sure it is at the top of the z-order for the app. When it is finished playing, simply delete or alpha it out and your main app is right there. 
A good example of this is the Black & Veatch app. It actually uses and all white splash screen and transitions to a video afterwards. 
Thanks for the example. That is helpful. I am under the assumption that I can develop a video that is the same resolution to fill up the entire screen as well?
Yeah, that is more about sizing the video container correctly and making sure your video won't have black bars on the device you are targeting. 

Though it doesn't hurt to make the video the same size as the tablet/phone you want to view it on. 
Excellent... here goes.. :)
Would I have to create a launch video for each device type?
Not necessarily. On smaller devices you might be able to resize the video using software.