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Wire is not functioning correctly

3 years ago in App Creation Studio • updated by rarewire 3 years ago 3
My wire is not functioning correctly. I have an action that runs on initialization that is supposed to load another subwire. Although, this is not happening. I have checked for logical errors and I have not found any. Can anybody help me? My other subwire simply only has a main and a background panel with a color for testing. I have been having some serious issues with The environments functionality recently.




<!-- Can be replaced with a startup image -->
<panel name="background" alias="BACKGROUND" width="100%" height="100%" background="#66CCFF" cornerradius="5">
<panel name="title" width="100%" height="11%" lheight="18%" align="center" valign="top" background="#5CB8E6" cornerradius="5" alpha=".6">
<text name="title-text" width="100%" height="100%" alignment="center" size="46" font="Futura" color="#FFFFFF" shadowradius="1" shadowopacity="1" shadowxoffset="1" text="SAMPLE TEXT!"/>
<include name="login-wire" alias="LOGIN-WIRE" _login="login.wire" _loginname="Login" width="100%" height="100%" alpha="0"/>

<!-- Hide the initial starting text/image and display camera.wire (Will be a different wire) -->
<action name="oninit" oninit="yes">
<alpha value="0" delay="3" target="BACKGROUND"/>
<load file="_login" wirename="_loginname" target="LOGIN-WIRE"/>
<alpha value="1" time="0" target="LOGIN-WIRE"/>

bug environments

Query Recorded Videos from IOS 8 iPhone

tscullen 3 years ago in App Creation Studio 0
Trying to display a static image of recorded videos from an IOS 8 iPhone in a list. I was using the List example that pulls images from the "Camera Roll" album but can't seem to be able to query videos from the "Videos" album. Can anyone help me to do this?
list video

Using Different Class Object Links for a Web Panel

3 years ago in App Creation Studio • updated 3 years ago 1
Hello All,

I was working off of the lists tutorial utilizing the arstechnica datasource.
Instead of displaying the author, I have displayed the link to each article in the list. I have defined a web panel and an action to load whichever URL I click on in the list relative to each object populating the list as well as a way to return back to the list. However, When I click on a URL realtive to an object in the list, it simply only loads the last list object's URL. Can anybody help me with a technique to get this correct?

Social App Templates

ashatune 3 years ago in App Creation Studio 0
Hey, I was trying to create an app where users can post, comment, like, etc.... I've been going through the tutorials and learning HTML, but I still having a hard time starting with the layout and such. Anyone know where I can find a good Rarewire social app template?
access data create social media

"An app title must be provided" error

sstava 4 years ago in App Creation Studio • updated 4 years ago 6
When I try to unlock any of my apps I get this error: "An app title must be provided." and it fails to unlock the app.

This just started happening in the last 30 minutes. I have tried it on a few of my apps and it seems to occur for all of them.

Any thoughts?

Zooming Large Graphics

dpotter05 4 years ago in App Creation Studio • updated by icahill (Administrator) 4 years ago 7
I'm creating an app that displays large photos and I'd like users to be able to pinch zoom in, move the photo around, and pinch zoom out. So far I have this by setting the panel to zoomable="yes", but I'd love to have more control. I'd love for it to take less pinches to zoom in and out, and less swipes when zoomed in to move from one side of the photo to the other.

I suspect zoomscale, zoommin, and zoommax might help but I haven't been able to figure out how to use them. I've set them to floats like .25, .556, and 3.75 without seeing an effect. Anyone have tips for how I can gain more control over my users' zooming experience?

Also, right now if I want to display an 800 x 1500 pixel image it shrinks down so all the image is visible and looks like a thumbnail. I'd love to be able to display the image so it is aligned to the left, its height takes up the entire height of the screen, and the rest of the image to the right is off screen and the user has to scroll the image left to see it. Is there a way to do this?


Text formatting question (strikethrough)

Franch 4 years ago in App Creation Studio 0
How can I format text so that it is struckthrough (strike) and can easily have the formatting removed (as in, the ability to easily toggle the strikethrough on the text)?

As in I have a text displaying a task and I have finished the task, so I click a button and the text has a strikethrough. But I would also like the ability to hit a button and remove the strikethrough formatting. What would be the best way to implement this?

Manipulating data from a sqlite database without using an onclick action

Franch 4 years ago in App Creation Studio • updated by icahill (Administrator) 4 years ago 7
I have a pager/list that appears to function correctly and each class in that list has an action it calls on click that visualizes the data on a different panel.

So the app displays a pager with names on it, and if you click one of the names, another panel takes over the screen displaying all the other details associated with that name in my sqlite database.

My problem is that I need a way to move from that secondary detail panel directly to the secondary detail panel for the next name on the list. I am not really sure how to go about doing this.

I have been trying to give each class in the list an alias but when I try to access its data all of the values that I hoped would be populated by the list from the sql database are nil. I have also tried using that alias with a play function to call the action associated with the onclick value but that is also not working for me.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time!

Is there a way to force the orientation as landscape/portrait

Franch 4 years ago in App Creation Studio • updated by icahill (Administrator) 4 years ago 1
For most of the app I would like to force it to be portrait only but a couple of times I would like to force landscape only. Is this possible?


Balsamiq as a UI design tool? --> generate WIRE from bmml file

sstava 4 years ago in App Creation Studio 0
Instead of building your own UI design tool (Frame), have you considered using an existing tool such as Balsamiq and rendering WIRE from the bmml file that it creates?

There are a number of tools that use Balsamiq bmml files for that very purpose.
[search for "Exporting Your Mockups To Code" in the web page below]

It seems like it would be a much quicker way to get this type of functionality to your community!

Android adhoc build is "queued" for a long time

sstava 4 years ago in App Creation Studio • updated 4 years ago 3
This is my first shot at doing an Android adhoc build. I probably have a setup issue for the build, but am not sure where to look next.

I have added the keystore, etc to the settings and have queued up an adhoc build. It has been "queued" for about an hour. I also have one from yesterday that is still "queued".

Are there any logs I can look at to see what is up with my adhoc build? (project: 6007)



sqlite question

Franch 4 years ago in App Creation Studio • updated by icahill (Administrator) 4 years ago 7
I'm having an issue using aliases.

This code:

results in "Warning Database Error: no such column: B.NAME"

Any idea why this is happening? And also how I can display the those values in a feed/list?


Supported audio formats?

cahoots 4 years ago in App Creation Studio • updated by icahill (Administrator) 4 years ago 1
What are the supported audio formats? ( I did see a list somewhere, but can't find it in the docs.) I don't think m4a was on that list, but it works on my iPhone and iPad. Is that format platform specific? What formats will work both on iOS and Android?

Facebook Tutorial Error

benjaminbachman 4 years ago in App Creation Studio • updated 4 years ago 5

So I worked my way through the Facebook Tutorial that you have provided in your developer Resources.


It is my understanding that this tutorial is out of date as Facebook has updated their developer interface. I think that I have done something wrong on setting up the App ID in Facebook and that is why I am experiencing an error that reads "FacebookAppID missing in plist" after working through your tutorial.

Can you shed any light as to why I might be seeing this error when I try to run the app in Fusebox?