Ad-Hoc Build cutting off at bottom.

sovtek 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 3
It seems as if the Ad-Hoc version of my app is getting cut off at the bottom, and there's also a strange margin to the right. My dimensions are set to 100% x 100%. It looks like it could be because within the Ad-Hoc version, the top iPad time/battery life status bar may be pushing it down. Is there something I have to do on my end to compensate for this bottom being cut off? And this right margin?

Note: I built it as a newsstand app.

Fusebox App (correct)

Ad-Hoc Build (incorrect)

I see now there is an option within settings "Status Bar Hidden". Ill select that and see what happens with my rebuild. Not sure how that would affect my right margin though.
On your very top level main 100% x 100% panel, you can set the height to this:

height="[eval: [object:MAINCOLUMN.height] - 20]"

That way it will always remove the 20 pixels of the carrier bar based on the screen size.

Or you can hide the carrier bar with options in the platform settings.
yeah, I just hid the bar. It fixed the bottom and the right.