Newsstand Icon not updating with new ipa

sovtek 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 6
I installed my Ad-Hoc successfully as a newsstand item, but the first time around i created an app Icon. So I created a new Ad-Hoc, with an updated newsstand icon that looks like the cover of a magazine. I installed it on my iPad successfully. I can see the changes in-app that I made. But, the newsstand icon has not changed to my new one. Is there anything in particular I can do to solve this? Is my ipad somehow saving the old icon? It is still appearing as my old app icon.

Also, fyi, the binding location and type within Platform settings seems to not save.
Still looking at this. Hope to get resolved today.

Try to update your icon and setting your binding again. Let me know if this still isn't working for you. 

Fantastic, the icon is now updated. Thanks.

Newsstand Settings selectors are now working correctly.

Launch images for "Portrait" and "Landscape" for iPad are not saving. See vid: http://screencast.com/t/jojOCKZ7SQ

We don't plan to allow this app for iPhone. Is uploading an iPhone app icon mandatory?
If your app is set as universal than they are required, if you change it to ipad only, then they should go away.

Make sure your launch images are the correct dimensions for width and height. They have to match exactly or they won't take. I was able to upload them just fine on my end.

Ah thank you I overlooked that.

And yes, they didn't match.