Using step in a list that could be variable

mrcole13 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 2
I am trying to build some pager icons that obviously display one for each page. I am using a list and creating them dynamically based on results. In another part of the app I used a step="5" because I always had 5 items per page. On this part of the app, the first page has 6 items, and the second page (and any subsequent page) can have up to 12 items. Is there a way to change the step, or do some other work to ensure we are displaying the right amount of icons?
step currently is not associated to an object property, so there isn't a good way to redefine it.

Instead you might consider using variables and conditional logic to define the number of articles returned in your feed directly on your objects.
I was able to get this working with a couple objects and conditionals in the objects! Thanks!