Fusebox black screen

niz91 7 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 7 years ago 3

Sorry for my english.

I cannot get app to work in fusebox.

- I copied the code from the Magazine demo and pasted it into the wire editor.
- save it
- snapshot it

But when i run the app, i still have a black screen with the orange corner.

Are you using the magazine demo from the list of examples within the WIRE Editor? If you are, make sure that you copy the code into your main.wire file. Main.wire is what the app will look for on launch to drive the app. 
ok thank you, it was that.

In your webinars, you load directly the ios simulator in firefox. how do you do this?
Actually during the webinars we use a direct build of fusebox from XCode launched in the simulator. This method is not available to Studio users at this time.